Sam will bring true representation for Irmo and Chapin when elected to the State House.

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Sam Edwards is a life-long resident of District 85 who understands the challenges our community faces, and has the heart and determination to affect real change in our State House.

“Right now, you pay more for electricity than you would if you lived in any other state in the nation. It’s infuriating, but look no further than your current representative who voted for the Base Load Review Act and saddled ratepayers with debt for energy you will never receive. It’s not nice to make folks choose between food, medicine, or power. I think it’s criminal. Unlike my opponent, I refuse to take money from corporations or special interest lobbyists. We have the financial backing of hundreds of South Carolinians who believe we deserve better, too. I, Sam Edwards, will fight for you and all of #SC85 in office.”

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We support Sam because…

As trustworthy and hard-working as they come, Ms. Edwards is just the representative our district needs!

Cory L.

I endorse Sam Edwards because she is one of the most civic-minded people I know. Her strong ethics are what we need in the SC State House.

Elizabeth J.

Logic dictates the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few... or the one." I believe Sam will be fair and just. She will work hard to support the needs of everyone in District 85.

Fairey M.

Sam is challenging the status quo to make life better for all. She is hardworking, relentless and courageous.

Sylvie D.

We'd be lucky to have Sam representing us at the State house! She is smart and has proven to be a true force when it comes to challenging policies that are detrimental to our families. She will be a wonderful Rep for District 85.

Rachel S.

Sam shows up, works hard, and never gives up. Sam is informed, engaged, and will do what we need to move forward.

Debbie B.

Sam is a powerhouse and works smarter and harder than anyone I know to do the most good she can do in her community. She will be the best State Rep anyone can ask for.

Julie E.

Our state needs more people like Sam Edwards who are able and willing to step up and work to guide our state in the right direction. Sam will do an outstanding job serving the people of District 85 and serving South Carolina.

Richard B.
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