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Healthcare is a human right

  • Close the “coverage gap” by expanding Medicaid to provide health insurance to a quarter million more South Carolinians
  • Increase access to affordable healthcare for all
  • Limit government interference in patient-doctor decisions
  • Defend reproductive health rights

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Quality education for all

  • Fund public schools equitably across SC
  • Raise educator salaries
  • Fund school budgets to the full extent required by law
  • Provide safe classrooms for all SC students

Protect our natural resources for future generations

  • Stand up to the pollution lobby and utility corporations
  • Prepare for future natural disasters and prepare for growth by funding repairs to bridges, dams, and roads
  • Invest in clean energy sources to increase access and affordability
  • Protect our waterways and hold polluters accountable

Please check back for updates as we add more of the issues we’ve heard from you and your neighbors.


We will be expanding on our ideas for making South Carolina the best state in our nation soon.

Sam Edwards has lived here all her life and knows the issues our community faces.


When she was 21, her dad died from chronic issues he developed from having Scarlet Fever when he was a teenager. Sam took on challenges facing her family and began advocating around issues like improving healthcare. Her work as a community organizer has received local and national recognition for holding elected officials accountable.

In 2015 her mom’s home flooded, and Sam realized our state and our district are woefully unprepared for future disasters and the growth we’re experiencing. Sam is committed to finding solutions and building coalitions in the State House.

She knows the importance of a quality education. Sam was among the first 5-year-olds in the state to benefit from full-day kindergarten at Leaphart Elementary. Full-day kindergarten was huge for working families like Sam’s, but for the past two decades the legislature has dropped the ball on education and SC ranks last. Sam will fight for a quality education for all, better pay for our teachers, and safe classrooms.

She’ll always fight for all of us, and she wants to know what issues are most important to you. Reach her at 803-386-9411 or Contact@VoteSamEdwards.com.

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