Editorial published in The State 11/6/18

In the wake of the horrific shootings last week, voters of Irmo and Chapin in S.C. House District 85 need to know the positions of candidates Sam Edwards and Chip Huggins on gun issues.

Sam endorses common sense gun control, with background checks and licenses for gun ownership. She opposes open-carry legislation. Sam has been endorsed by the national organization Moms Demand Action.

Chip Huggins has a 100 percent rating from the National Rifle Association. He opposes licensing gun owners and co-sponsored H3930, a bill authorizing firearms to be carried openly without a permit. Huggins is also against background checks, putting him at odds with 86 percent of South Carolina citizens.

My daughter is a South Carolina public school teacher, and my grandchildren attend public schools. I refuse to vote for someone who opposes even minimal steps for their safety from gun violence. Chip Huggins says that the sanctity of life is “paramount to world order,” but apparently the life of a school child or a police officer does not rise to the same level of sanctity as does the right of any random person to possess and openly carry a firearm. Sam Edwards has my vote on November 6.